In the intimacy of an artisanal dimension the atmoshere it that of a “home”, an intimate place where it is possible to bring to life new projects, meet people and chat with them. This is the spirit that characterizes Shiny Glass Tiles: semplicity and naturalness that along with commitment and care are the ingredients for a successful ambitious and unique project.


The versatility of glass tiles allows not only to confront the new challenges but also to realize “taylor made” products to respond to specific requests by our clients.


For every person, to take care of nature is the same as to take care of himself/herself. It has become basic to project and live in places that transmit psyco-physical wellbeing, in perfect harmony with nature. Sustainability is intertwined with innovation. Glass, more than ever, proposes itself as the main product for modern, functional , energetically better and eco-friendly buildings. Being completely endlessly recyclable is its basic characteristic. After its use it can become again raw material.


Backlit surfaces make the spaces scenic creating effects of lights and shadows offering visual unexpected emotions. The brighting effects give birth to relaxing and comfortable environments.